Offshore Gas remains crucial during transition to renewables

Statement by the Irish Offshore Operators’ Association

Any incoming Government needs to address the energy requirements for economic recovery by delivering policies which recognise the continuing key role of natural gas, according to the Irish Offshore Operators’ Association (IOOA).

The association says current contacts between political parties are taking place during a period which offshore gas is generating more than 70% of electricity, effectively keeping the lights on during the Covid-19 crisis.

IOOA is calling for any future policies to be informed by an Independent Review of Energy Security, as promised last year but yet to be implemented.

Mandy Johnston, Chief Executive Officer of IOOA added:

“Politicians need to realise the serious implications of turning their back on the offshore sector.  It is to abandon an Irish source of energy which is non-imported, non-fracked and non-nuclear. It will undermine jobs, investment and economic recovery in our coastal communities. It will also leave us completely reliant on foreign powers for our future gas and oil needs.

Mandy Johnston, CEO of the Irish Offshore Operators’ Association

Importing via the UK increases our carbon footprint. Importing gas generates up to 30% more emissions than using our own resources

In addition, policies which hamper offshore activity send the wrong message to international energy investors, discouraging not only exploration but also the development of new technologies off our coast in terms of wind, wave and solar power.

The incoming Government needs to recognise the need for evidence-based policies on energy which address how we meet our supply needs during the decades of transition to renewables. The first step to doing that would be to honour the commitment to carry out an independent review of energy security.

Making policy decision in the absence of such a review raises serious issues about how we will have the power for economic recovery in the years and decades ahead.”


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