In these extra-ordinary times it is too easy to forget the efforts of those behind the scenes carrying out key work which allows the rest of us to keep safe at home. Those who produce, provide and transport our energy are among those quietly going about their business, yet without them our country would simply grind to a halt.

Mandy Johnston, CEO of the Irish Offshore Operators’ Association

Whether working on our offshore gas fields, delivering renewable power, ensuring the integrity of the electricity and gas networks or responding to faults as they happen the front-line energy crews are playing an essential role. They are joined by many more, including those providing maritime support services, others keeping our facilities stocked with food and other supplies as well as the hauliers keeping our service stations operating.

At home well all have a role to play. There are steps which can be taken which not only will ensure the smooth running of our energy grids but can also prevent big household bills at the end of this crisis.

As we gather with our loved ones it is good to discuss practical steps which can be taken. Simple ones include

  • Turn off un-necessary lights
  • Don’t fill the kettle
  • Put lids on saucepans
  • Cover up draughts
  • If you have it use smart technology
  • Layer up with clothes rather than always turning up the heating
  • And yes……turn off the immersion!

These sensible steps are good for the country, the climate and for the household budget.

The Irish offshore sector is committed to playing its part. Indeed the importance of a balanced energy mix going forward has been highlighted during the early days of this crisis with natural gas providing over 60% of electricity for homes, shops and essential services including hospitals. However the discussion of the future of Irish energy is for another day.

The priority for our members who produce and provide energy as well as their highly skilled, committed and dedicated work crews is to continue playing their part as part of the national response to Covid-19.

Thank you and remain safe.

Mandy Johnston, CEO, Irish Offshore Operators’ Association

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