IOOA Updates

Sustainable and evidence based action plan to be welcomed

The Climate Action Plan outlined by Government today (Monday 17th June 2019) is based on evidence, science and facts, according to the Irish Offshore Operators Association. The representative organisation for the offshore oil and gas industry says responding to...

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Offshore is Energy Backstop

By Mandy Johnston A bill currently before the Oireachtas seeks to ban offshore oil and gas exploration and production. It will do nothing to promote increased use of renewable energy in Ireland and threatens the country’s energy security, already uncertain due to...

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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

In tackling the transition to a low carbon future, many solutions have been proposed. One of these is Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). In this article we explore CCS and its contribution to the energy transition. Organic life is carbon-based. All life, from the...

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Brexit & Energy Security

Brexit increases energy security concerns and leaves Ireland crucially exposed – particularly around the area of supply/disruption as a significant proportion of our oil and gas supply is sourced from countries such as; Algeria, Qatar, Russia and Azerbaijan.

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A day in our lives: the many uses of oil and gas

IOOA Chairman, Professor Pat Shannon, examines the impact of oil and gas in our daily lives Oil and gas have been used by humanity for thousands of years. For centuries pitch (bitumen or tar) was used to caulk the seams of wooden sailing vessels helping to waterproof...

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31st March 2014

Professor Pat Shannon has been named as the incoming Chairman of the Irish Offshore Operators’ Association (IOOA). Professor Shannon succeeds Mr. Fergus Cahill, who is retiring after serving as Chairman of IOOA for 13 years. Prior to joining the academic staff of UCD...

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